Trucks and heavy duty vehicles

Your business depends on your truck, so you need it to work reliably and efficiently. This is why our scientists developed Shell Rimula heavy-duty diesel engine oils, to protect your engine, help you lower running costs and increase reliability. You've worked hard to make your business successful, so we've designed an engine oil that can help keep it that way.

How Shell oils can benefit your business

Reducing maintenance costs, obtaining fuel savings and lowering exhaust emissions are some of the huge benefits Shell can potentially offer your business.

Using high quality lubricants can help extend vehicle life, lower fuel bills, reduce maintenance costs, and increase vehicle availability – so that you can keep your trucks on the road for longer. It’s important to use the appropriate lubricants for your truck. The Shell Rimula range lets you choose the level of protection you need in three critical areas: acid control, deposit control and wear control.

Find out how our various engine, transmission, axle and gear oils and greases take care of every aspect of your vehicle’s and your business's health.

Delivering fuel savings

Shell’s world-class scientists have collaborated with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop some of the most advanced fuel economy lubricants. Find out about the real value that high quality fuel economy oils can bring to you and your business. Learn more

Protection for longer equipment life

We understand that keeping your truck on the road and running efficiently is critical. Shell Rimula protects your equipment, helping improve vehicle performance and availability for efficient operation. Learn more

Significantly reducing your operating costs

Optimal protection and longer equipment life, fuel economy and reduced lubricant consumption all add up to real cost savings. Choosing the right oil is a relatively small investment that can make a big difference to your business. Learn more

Providing protection across the driveline

It’s important that your lubricants and greases protect all your driveline components against wear, acids and deposits. Discover how different Shell products help protect different parts of your vehicle and your business. Learn more

Video library

Explore our video library and discover how Shell Rimula can keep your trucks on the road for longer. Learn more

Choosing the best oil for your truck

Every second your vehicle is off the road it costs you money. You can rely on Shell Rimula oils to deliver the right level of engine protection in extreme conditions. Add value to your business and keep your trucks running smoothly.

We appreciate that you need to keep your vehicles on the road, while complying with environmental standards and that your lubricant must protect your equipment to help you reduce operating and maintenance costs. Whether you want to cut the cost-per-kilometer of your long-haul trips by reducing fuel consumption or to extend short-haul-vehicle life under severe start-stop driving conditions, the Shell Rimula range is specially developed to meet your needs.

Technology that protects in tough conditions

Shell Rimula’s adaptive technology provides protection where it’s needed most and even in some of the most challenging environments. Learn more

Added value to your business

Investing in the right oil brings immediate and long-term savings. Learn more

Our Shell Rimula portfolio

Browse our range of protective products or use our simple Shell LubeMatch tool to find the right oil for your vehicle.

Shell Rimula R5 LE

Semi-synthetic diesel engine oil that helps protect under many temperatures and pressures, with low emissions and fuel economy savings.

Learn more about Shell Rimula R5 LE

Available at Kuzeta: Shell Rimula R5 LE 10W-40

Shell Rimula R4

Unique, active technology for high power, modern engines. Learn more...

Available at Kuzeta: Shell Rimula R4 15W-40

Shell Rimula R3 X

For triple protection against wear, deposits and heat in turbo and non-turbocharged engines. Learn more..

Available at Kuzeta: Shell Rimula R3 X 15W-40

Shell Rimula R2 Mono-grade oils

These oils are developed for a variety of off-highway applications and older on-highway vehicles.

Available at Kuzeta: Shell Rimula R2 40 and Shell Rimula R2 50