Automotive Art is a private label brand of vehicle refinishing products. It offers the full range of refinishing products from preparatory surface treatment to body fillers to clear coats. Automotive Art is produced by various factories through Europe, mainly Holland, and the USA. It is distributed in 26 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and in the USA.

Automotive Art takes color matching very seriously, and takes pride in the ability to match over 115,000 colors using our state-of-the-art color tools.

Automotive Art’s color tools are designed to effectively find and match the correct color for the job. Our color box tool has over 7,000 color swatches of actual paint spray-outs from our formulas. This tool alone can save up to 30 minutes in the process of matching a color, while producing a highly accurate color match. Our Motomix software will allow you to retrieve over 115,000 formulas covering ALL makes of vehicles including Asian, European and US brands. In addition, our Motomix software interfaces with mixing scales, and if over pouring occurs, can also re-calculate your formulas to ensure precise color matching.

Experience has shown that color variation is possible between model types with the same color code due to production variation between OEM plants around the world. In an effort to maintain accurate color matching in our formula database, color samples are collected from around the world, inclusive of variants, which are then used in the development of our color formulations. These formulas are then compiled into our Motomix software and distributed periodically during the year in an effort to maintain the best color matching possible in the market.

We want to ensure that our refinish customers have access to the best tools and information available in an effort to provide fast and reliable solutions. To this end, you will find the following downloads of interest:

Hardener and reducer Chart

Automotive Art Refinish System Wall Chart

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