Kuzeta official dealer of Sunoco Race Fuels

Kuzeta is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded the official dealership of Sunoco Race Fuels in Curaçao. Sunoco is considered to be one of the top brands of racing fuels in the United States. With a long history in racing, Sunoco already is the official NASCAR fuel but has recently entered into a new partnership with NHRA, the

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Kuzeta N.V. expands Shell Helix Motor Oils portfolio

Kuzeta N.V. has recently received a number of new Shell Helix products to cater for our customer’s requirements. Our portfolio now includes the very popular Shell Helix HX5 10W-40 which has had an absence of a couple of years.

For our clients that know Shell Helix Ultra full synthetic motor oil, we now also offer it in SAE viscosity grade

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Shell Helix HX5 in SAE viscosity grade 10W-40 is back

We are delighted to inform our clients that we can now offer again Shell Helix HX5 10W-40. After an absence of a couple of years this grade has been recently reinstated by Shell’s Project Harmony.

While Shell Helix HX5 in SAE 10W-30 and 20W-50 come in bottles of 1AQ and 1AG, Shell Helix HX5 10W-40 comes in bottles of 1L and 4L. So buy Shell

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